(Legit Or Another Scam?)

Yes, a legit site. The 158cm sex doll arrived as expected! I placed my order before Golden Week and was told that it would not arrive during the holidays, but since the product arrived as scheduled, I consider this a very reliable company. Since the product itself represents my ideal body, I have no complaints!!! I don’t think there has been a sex doll to date that has won the hearts of its fans, so it feels wonderful to feel the art. Also, the avatar I ordered together was so real and exciting that it surprised me!

Is Safe ?

Yes, a safe seller. This doll is really tall and slim, you’ll know it’s my dream, there are very few tall Japanese sex dolls in the world, I just love this doll. After I received the doll, I found that the head and body of the doll were separated, because there were instructions in the package, which made it easy for me to assemble the doll. Then I put makeup on the doll, then I warm her up, so I start enjoying her sexual experience.