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Yes, this vendor is reliable. I received my doll, very beautiful, soft like real, soft like real, no oil, no smell, the five senses are really delicate. I am very satisfied. It’s really good, the S-curve of her figure is perfect, I especially like her long legs, white and soft, exactly the same as the picture, they are all my favorites. Since this is the first purchase, I asked a lot of customer service questions, but the customer service can answer me quickly and patiently. Very happy with this purchase.

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Yes, Amazing For the Price. Firstly, the company help and communication was great and the shipping very fast indeed. As for the product itself, it is exactly as specified. Very realistic, the skin, weight and body shape are beautifully designed. It’s almost irritating how realistic it is. After playing for a few days, she almost sucks me out. The material is good, no smell. Amazing product if that’s what you’re looking for. I have nothing to complain at all! Highly recommended.

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