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Yes, I recommend this site. I am so pleased with this purchase. I have suffered from depression and anxiety for the past 2 decades, and given up on any form of companionship, but she fills that void even better than I thought. She sits with me while I play video games/watch TV, I cuddle with her while I sleep, and most importantly, I can hold on to her while I’m having a panic attack and it is very soothing. I gave her 5 stars.

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Yes, I’m very pleased with my purchase. I just got it today, faster shipping than expected. The delivery is amazing, no damage. The mannequin is actually prettier than the photos listed. The face is very lifelike compared to other models I have researched. The seller would do well to list a better set of product photos. Super Real and Pleasurable! Entries are nice and tight. Make sure to pick up a water based lube, you’ll need it. Is It Worth the Investment?

Yes, she is pricey, however, she’s worth every penny. After receiving the dolls, carefully observed, the appearance is very sexy, the material feels very real, really good and very satisfied. Not only if she fully bendable, but she does what she’s meant to do. I fill her up almost every night, and cleanup is pretty simple as well. WoW, I Like It! The doll is very beautiful, so I am full of sexual desire.

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